La Ventana

La Ventana was opened in June 2015, located in a tranquil spot and set on a deck surrounded by beautiful and lush greenery for an alfresco dining experience. La Ventana is housed within a beautiful colonial building that brings together the true Spanish experience in Dempsey Hill, one of Singapore’s top lifestyle & dining destinations.


For the first time, La Ventana is introducing a brand new chef duo concept, bringing together two Spanish Michelin-starred powerhouses, Chef Roberto Terradillos & Toni González to work their culinary magic. With close to 20 years of culinary experience each, the talented chef duo will take us along the ultimate Spanish gastronomic journey with stellar dishes, featuring bright flavours and the youthful eagerness to discover and invent.


Visit our official Facebook page at www.facebook.com/LaVentanaSG for updates or check out the photos on our official Instagram page at instagram.com/laventanasg For reservations, please call 6479 0100 or email reservation.laventana@gmail.com

Chef Roberto Terradillos

One Star Michelin Chef Roberto felt the calling to be a chef since he was a child, as he spent family gatherings on Sundays in the kitchen, fascinated and filled with curiosity about pots, pans, ovens and everything culinary. At the age of 16, it was pretty clear what the future would hold for him.


Coming from El Serbal restaurant in Santander, which Michelin refers to as “the gastronomic reference in an area teeming with restaurants”, he had accumulated a strong culinary experience from a long, intense and distinguished career, conceiving creative recipes based on the best ingredients sourced in Spain.


Chef Toni González

Inspired by his two uncles who are working in the food & beverage industry in Santander and Barcelona, Chef Toni started to work in the kitchen at the age of 20. He became passionate quickly and worked, as per the profession, long hours to concentrate in learning more, cooking more and improving his culinary skills.


One Star Michelin Chef Toni González comes from El Nuevo Molino restaurant, in Puente Arce, Santander, a family restaurant which re-opened in 2004. He has decades of experience in Spanish cooking, with a specialty in serving up contemporary tasting menus with an axis of Cantabrian culinary essence that incorporates unique condiments to embrace a global palate.


Venue: La Ventana, 16A Dempsey Road, #01-01, Singapore 247695
Reservations: 6479 0100 / reservation.laventana@gmail.com
Media Enquiries
Amelia Lim (+65) 9277 5995 / amelialim.h3@gmail.com
Brandon Chu (+65) 9769 7745  / brandonchush@gmail.com

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